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    I have installed your plugin and make it worked, however I need some help.

    1. I have one Main Menu with page1, page2, page3 link (link to categories)
    2. I’ve created a new Menu Location, New Menu for page3 and configuration replace menu well. When people visit page3, a New Menu will display there.

    However, when people click on other link items on New Menu, the menu is back to Main Menu, I want it keep “New Menu”.

    I have created a Group and put all link items in New Menu there and choose replace Main Menu with New Menu but it happened on the home page, home page now replaced by New Menu.

    Overall, What I want is when people visit Page3 link on Main Menu, the New Menu will display, and when people visit each links in New Menu, the New Menu still there

    This is important part of the plugin but your document didn’t show us how to do.

    You can see in action at my site here:


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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