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    I just purchased this plugin and everything installed smoothly. I was able to get two menus setup, the primary difference being #anchor links on the Homepage and <empty> links for the top menu items on all other pages. The menus, other than this, are exactly the same.

    When you refresh the cache, on either page with a separate menu, upon visiting the other page it inherits the behavior of the prior. Thus, you can begin on a non-homepage page and then visit the homepage, but the #anchor links do not appear. Upon clearing the cache, you can visit the homepage (with #anchor links) and then visit any other page and the #anchor links carry over.
    The7.3 Theme
    W3 Total Cache plugin



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    Hello David

    I believe this is a cache issue. Could you please ask the cache plugin support if they have any way to exclude the menu from being cached? This may solve the problem.

    — Sushi

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