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    My website has originnally no pull-down list from the tabs on homepage. Now I make some drop-out list for the sub-pages later. I added the sub-menu on the Customizing Menu function. I can see the preview of my homepage on the left hand side. But it only appear the white list pull-down at the position of tab I want. I cannot see how it looks like with text. Is it default for preview on wordpress or my admin page have any problem?
    Another thing is, if the drop-down list can appears with text, how can I save as a draft and test it (somehow like) offline before I publish it? I only see the “Save and Publish” button. If I don’t click this button and directly go back to previous page, it isnot saved. I have to make the drop-down list again and again.
    (Please see attached file)
    Could you please help me with the problems?
    Thank you so much.

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