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    Hey there. Interesting plugin – thank you for making it!

    Please consider the following improvements to make it even better.

    1. When clicking on a FAQ category link, the page scrolls to the FAQ category title “faq_wrap_all” div, but this does not work for sites with a sticky header (just like on this site). Please consider an improvement by making an adjustable offset for the scroll target so that the chosen FAQ content category title can be made fully visible. (Would be also nice to be able to control/turn-off the page bounce on reaching the target.)

    2. My page title is H1, the faq-top message is H2. But the FAQ question is H3 when the grouping title (category) is H4. These last two seem backwards for SEO purposes, accessibility and screen readers.

    3. microdata would add a lot to this plugin.

    4. “Order No” appears not to function at all and has no user instructions.??

    5. Hyperlinks within list items in the FAQ answer sections are weirdly styled with padding, hover background color and block display. See also: Some default styling controls would be nice.



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    Hey Tom

    Thank you very much for your suggestions.

    Our next version will be released in next month, so I believe the developer will consider most of these suggestion in account.

    Thanks again

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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