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I apologize, but this is not working correctly. The menu that you adjusted was the SECONDARY menu (it’s at the TOP of the page in the turquoise bar). This menu should NOT change, but alway stay with the menu i have titled “top menu”.

The menu I am trying to get to work is the PRIMARY MENU (the one below the header area). ON the homepage, I don’t want any menu to show…everywhere it should function like this:
When I go to a category archive like this, http://test11.moritzfineblogdesigns.com/category/coupons/ (if you can’t view, use ‘denise’ for the user and pw), I want my “COUPON” menu to show up. If I go to a different category like this, http://test11.moritzfineblogdesigns.com/category/life/, I want my “LIFE” menu to show up. Or and post in the life category should have this menu as well.

Please advise. And thanks again for your help.