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Yes I do want to see it in the question listing. You need to see all the questions in order to easily determine the order. Right now you have to jump back and forth between questions which makes it difficult to do. The best way is with a drag and drop in the list to create the order. If you did this numbers would not be needed unless you needed them in the background. In the background you could automatically update the numbers.

Even a better idea would be to list the questions and categories together so you can move questions into the correct categories and you could see everything together. Be able to collapse categories would be good in this approach. WordPress does a good job of this with the menus and submenus. Duplicating that process would be great. The only problem with this approach is when you want a question to show in more than one category. This could maybe be solved by using the option/alt some other special key to cause a copy of a question to a new category.

Another question I have is this. How do the numbers relate to the categories. For example if I number a question 1 does that mean it will be listed first within that category or is is first in the total list if or first in both depending on what I am showing. There is no place to filter a particular category in the list or even sort it by category unless I have missed something.

The current numbering process is difficult to remember what numbers you have already used and which one were used for which category. I also don’t think you can number with a decimal. If you could at least do that you could number the categories with the whole number and the decimal for each question. 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 could be the questions under the category a person considers 10. Another category could be under 20 with 20.1, 20.2 etc for the questions. This is not the best solution but would be better than the current setup.

Hope this helps. Please ask if you need more clarification on these ideas.
I really do like how the FAQ work once setup.