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I am not sure I can give you links that will help you. The WordPress site is not public and is going to replace the current site using the same Domain. WordPress is currently a subfolder within the current domain public_html folder.
The following is the link to my document that is in the attachment folder inside public_html folder of the current site. I believe this is an internal link that doesn’t work jus to type in as a URL in a browser. This same url was copied over to the new WP site page but doesn’t work.

I am beginning to think that I will need to copy all the documents from the attachment folder to my upload folder of WP and then manually go in a redo every link manually.

I have them actually copied over to WP but they don’t show in the media Library. If I could get them to show there that would be a big help in doing the manual link.

When I actually replace the current site with the WP site would Domain replace then be needed?