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I actually did find a way to add a draft page to a menu. Do a search and draft pages will show and they can be added to a menu. I just don’t know what effect there is on the published site.

We us InMotion Hosting and I am doing the developing with WordPress in a subfolder to our current site that uses InMotion Hosting Site Builder. When I finish setting things up in WordPress we will replace the SiteBuilder site. I assume your plugin “Domain Replace” would not do that but would work after that in updating WordPress.

If you are familiar with InMotion Hosting would setting up a second subfolder work as the duplicate site and then would your plugin work? With your plugin does the test site become the new main site and the original site become the test site?

I don’t think the maintenance mode will work. It sounds like it will make the site unavailable and that is not what I want. I want my site to be functioning as normal while I work on the site in the background. When I am ready them publish the changes.

You suggest using the draft. If I have a current page published and then change it to draft does the original page continue to be displayed until I publish the new page information?

For your information I keep forgetting that I can’t reply to your emails and have it be posted. Be nice to have Not not to reply.