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Thanks for the quick feedback.

I’ve double checked and it seems that the sort order only works when there is a value set for each question in the given category.

Not really a bug I suppose, more of a tip to include in the instructions to make sure this is filled in for each question.

Suggestion 1
Would it be possible to include these Sort Order fields within the ‘All Questions’ view of the plugin?
If so and they were toggle-able options, this would allow the display to be sorted into a logical order the same as is displayed on the front-end.
This would make finding a question for editing from a long list much easier.

Suggestion 2
Having 2 entry panels in the WordPress toolbar – one for Duo settings and then another for the actual questions, seems wasteful in what is already a pretty cluttered area once you have a handful of other plugins installed.
Having the questions panel named ‘FAQ’ makes it align very close to the standard WordPress ‘FAQs’ entry which is also confusing for editing questions (I have on a couple of occasions created the questions in the WordPress default section without realising)

Could the FAQ questions panel be merged under the Duo Settings panel to make for a cleaner interface?

If this is not possible and/or not a quick fix, could a temporary solution be to append the ‘FAQ’ panel with the term ‘Duo’ to help distinguish it from the default WordPress FAQ’s panel?

Screeshot of suggestions: http://prntscr.com/6z9xr9

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