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There are lots of free WordPress Image Gallery plugin available, but this is the best one because it has the most simple, clean and beautiful design. Moreover, this is the most easy-to-config gallery plugin available in the market.

In Simple Image Gallery, you can create multiple image galleries. You can easily add infinite number of images in each gallery and you can use each gallery in different posts and pages with a very simple shortcode.

Simple Image Gallery has lots of awesome features. For example, if you visit your site from touch-screen devices, you can swipe through your images by swiping your finger over the screen. If you are browsing in your desktop, you can use keyboard navigation for browsing through the images.

Even the icons inside won’t look blurry in retina devices. And above all? More awesome designs are coming in our next version.

Let’s watch a quick demonstration:


  • Create new gallery from Dashboard > Gallery > Add New Gallery
  • Add images as many as you want
  • Publish
  • From Dashboard > Gallery, you can copy the shortcode from ShortCode column
  • The shortcode is [dg_gallery gallery_id=”GALLERY_ID” title=”TITLE”]
  • View the page 🙂


  • Swipe gestures for mobile
  • Keyboard Navigation for desktop
  • CSS transitions with jQuery fallback
  • Retina support for UI icons
  • Easy CSS customization

Bonus Features

  • We provide insane 24 X 7 support worldwide. Try emailing us on Christmas eve or on Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Subscribe to Plugin Website and you will get discount on all premium plugins
  • Rich Blog with lots of solutions of different WordPress related problems on Plugin Website

If you have any kind of query, feedback, suggestion or customization request, email us here : [email protected] or visit here.


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5 replies
  1. Napat
    Napat says:

    Hello Adam,
    Sorry that you are facing some issue with our gallery plugin.
    Will you please check if there is any javascript error. You can check with browser console. Check this link for how to https://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Your_Browser_to_Diagnose_JavaScript_Errors

    If there is no javascript error then, deactivate all other plugin and check whether its working or not, if its working then active other plugin one by one and check with which plugin its conflicting.

    If that is also not working then will you please enable default theme and check if its any theme issue.
    And I hope you are using the shortcode in your page editor with text mode.

    Please let us know if its solve your issue or not.


  2. Roderick
    Roderick says:


    I just installed the plugin and added pictures to the gallery. Looks great, thank you! However I can not enter a title with the images, because if I do, the titles also show up as a link on the same page (next to the images). Then the order of the images get distorted. How come this happens to me when it doesn’t in your video?

  3. Mauricio
    Mauricio says:

    Hi, your work is great with very clear and warm instructions.

    One question: Can I add a gallery, but show only the first image, that when clicked, shows in full screen all the items in gallery?

    Hope to be clear! On page I picture photo #1, when I click on it, I could see #2, #3 and on.

    Thanks, Mauricio.


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