WordPress Simple Amazon Affiliate

Wanna earn money online with your WordPress blog? This is the simplest way. Just install this plugin, configure it and start earning.

This plugin uses Amazon Product Advertising API to pull products related with your post and more interestingly, it adds your affiliate id automatically in your URLs. So anyone purchasing from your links, you will get paid.

You just need to signup in Amazon to get your keys and affiliate id and put those in plugins options page and paste our shortcode under your blog post. Then sit back and relax. Your money will come to you.

# How to Get Amazon Product Advertising API Key & Secret Key:

# How to Get Amazon Affiliate / Associate ID:


Way 1:

  • Download the plugin file
  • Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive
  • Upload via FTP into your plugins (/wp-content/plugins/) folder
  • Activate the plugin from your dashboard

Way 2:

  • From Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload the plugin
  • Activate the plugin


  • Use shortcode: [dg_saa]
  • Use shortcode: [dg_saa title=”your title”]
  • Use in template or php file: <?php echo do_shortcode('[duo_saa]'); ?>
  • For more information, please go to Duogeek > Help

Bonus Features

  • We provide insane 24 X 7 support worldwide. Try emailing us on Christmas eve or on Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Subscribe to Plugin Website and you will get discount on all premium plugins
  • Rich Blog with lots of solutions of different WordPress related problems on Plugin Website

Coming Soon

  • More awesome themes
  • More awesome designs

If you have any problem or issues, please feel free to contact us.


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