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You sell products or services on your website? Then your customers have lots of common question that you have to answer everyday. So for showing the answers of those repeatedly asked questions in a very smart and beautiful way, you can use duoFAQ.

duoFAQ is a very simple and beautiful but powerful plugin for creating FAQ on your WordPress website. duoFAQ adds FAQ support to your WordPress site in a way that you will feel like it’s one of the native features of WordPress. It integrates with all themes and styles.

When you install duoFAQ, you will get a “FAQ” menu at the left menubar of your WordPress Dashboard. From there, you can add questions and their respective answers very easily; like you create a regular post in WordPress.

In duoFAQ, you can use all native styles of jQuery Accordion. And moreover, we have included 18 flat themes so that they can match your website design.

So, if you still don’t have FAQ section on your site yet, install duoFAQ now and serve 50% of your customers without even talking to them.

Download FAQ themes

Video Demonstration


  • Create categories from FAQs > Categories
  • Create questions and answers from FAQs > Add new. The title will be question and the content will be answer. Please select a category when you create a question.
  • To show the whole FAQ in a post or page, use shortcode like this: [duo_faq]
  • To show FAQ from a category, use this: [duo_faq category=”CATEGORY_ID”]
  • If you want to change the title, use this: [duo_faq category=”CATEGORY_ID” title=”Your Title”]
  • If you want to hide the title, use this: [duo_faq category=”CATEGORY_ID” title=” “]
  • Use in template or php file: <?php echo do_shortcode('[duo_faq]'); ?>
  • Or even use a widget from Appearances > Widgets


  • Native jQuery Accordion
  • Full support from jQuery official documentation
  • Fully Responsive
  • Custom 18 Flat Themes of 18 Flat Colors Pre-Installed
  • Developed following WordPress coding standard
  • Native post editor for adding questions and answers
  • Native-alike Category for questions

Bonus Features

  • We provide insane 24 X 7 support worldwide. Try emailing us on Christmas eve or on Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Subscribe to Plugin Website and you will get discount on all premium plugins
  • Rich Blog with lots of solutions of different WordPress related problems on Plugin Website

If you have any kind of query, feedback, suggestion or customization request, email us here : [email protected] or visit here.

Download FAQ Plugin
Download FAQ themes

13 replies
    • Sushi
      Sushi says:

      The plugin is not translatable yet. For now, you can use title=”YOUR SPANISH TITLE”. Like

      [duo_faq title=”YOUR SPANISH TITLE”]

  1. Алена
    Алена says:

    Поставила шорткоды по разным категориям, но все ответы показываются во всех категориях, а не раздельно. Подскажите как исправить?

  2. Jeffrey
    Jeffrey says:

    Unfortunately, it appear DuoFAQ has a conflict – Fatal error: Cannot redeclare hex2rgb() (previously declared in /home/peltie5/public_datical2/wp-content/themes/subway/functions.php:1287) in /home/peltie5/public_datical2/wp-content/plugins/duofaq-responsive-flat-simple-faq/duogeek/helper.php on line 105

    • Sushi
      Sushi says:

      Please wrap the hex2rgb() function like the following:

      if( ! function_exists( ‘hex2rgb’ ) ){
      function hex2rgb() {
      // function code

      It should be okay.


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