Domain Replace

Domain Replace is a pretty simple but useful (powerful too) plugin for those people who moves their website from one domain to another domain and get trapped.

There are lots of backup plugin in the market that helps you to take a backup your site and restore into another site. But WordPress uses absolute URL instead of relative URL. So, the files inserted in content of your posts, pages and other custom post types, settings etc are still pointed to the old URL. Here comes “Domain Replace” to help you. It will change all instances of the OLD URL into NEW URL.

This is very useful when you develop the site in your staging server or even in local server, then move to production server.


# Updates all IMAGE URLs to new URL
# Updates all ATTACHMENT URLs to new URL
# Updates old URLs in ALL POSTS
# Updates old URLs in ALL PAGES
# Updates old URLs in ALL CUSTOM POSTS
# Updates old URLs in ALL COMMENTS
# Updated old URLs EVERYWHERE to new URL

Video Demonstration

Caution: This is an expensive query. So, if you have a quite large database, in that case please deactivate all plugins and activate default WordPress theme.


  • Download the plugin from here
  • Navigate to your Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload
  • Upload the zip
  • Activate!
  • Navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Domain Replace
  • For Old URL field give the URL of your old domain
  • For New URL field give the URL of your new domain
  • Save!
  • Click on “Replace URL Now”
  • Viola!

If you have any problem or issues, please feel free to contact us.


Click here to DOWNLOAD
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