How to Enable Shortcode in BBPress Reply

ShortCode is a pretty useful feature in WordPress. Developers provides some shortcodes for the users to use, which acts like a macro and extend the functionality to a functional output.

Today we will extend the BBPress feature so that user can use shortcode in BBPress reply. By default, if you post a shortcode in a topic reply, the shortcode is not rendered, it is shown as it is. We can make that shortcode working with a pretty simple solution. Read more

Top 10 must have plugins for your blog

If you are a expert or occasional blogger then you need some plugin to enhance your WordPress site capabilities. Choosing the best plugin for your WordPress site will help make your day-to-day life easier and deliver a better experience for your users as well. We are pick 10 must have plugin for 2015.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast or All in One SEO Pack

SEO is a vital issue, whether its a blog or a portfolio site. Both the plugin serves your SEO needs smartly. Those are complete website optimization package. Apart from adding titles and descriptions to your articles, they also allows you to add open graph meta data, do page analysis, publish xml sitemap, and so much more. It is easy to install and setup also. So we suggest you to use both of them and keep one which is user friendly to you. Read more

10 things you need to do after installing WordPress

After fresh installation of WordPress this are the most important thing to make your site secure, beautiful and smoothly running.

1. Change the Admin Password

When we install WordPress for the first time, it generates a password for you that is very hard to remember unless you have done some memory courses. So the first thing that you should do after installing WordPress is change this WordPress password Read more

How to change WordPress admin password from database with phpMyAdmin

If you have a WordPress site, there is a pretty big chance you will need to change your password frequently for security reasons. If you change your password quite often, it decreases the chance of someone else knowing the password and take control over it. So it’s always a good practice.

But what if you can’t remember what your last password was? Or your site is hacked? Or any other admin has changed it but didn’t inform you yet? Or you just lost it? Read more

How to Hide Admin Bar in WordPress

I like the admin bar at the top of my WordPress website, it helps me to navigate easily to some dashboard pages. But based on the design of the theme, some people don’t like the admin bar in the front end. Moreover, some admins don’t want to show the admin bar to the normal users (subscribers) or show admin bar for admin only.

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How to create a WordPress MU-Plugin

Back in 2004, in WordPress 1.2 plugin was introduced in this platform. Since then, plugin is the most important part of WordPress system. WordPress has given us enough flexibility to extend the functionality by plugin.

We all are already used to with plugin. Whenever we need a plugin we can keep deactivated that plugin, or activate it when we need. But, sometimes we need something important and we always want to keep that functionality active in our WordPress site. Here comes mu-plugins. “mu-plugins” means Must Use Plugins – the plugins is always activated and there is no way to deactivate that plugin.

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How to set a custom page as Homepage in WordPress

We all know WordPress started just as a “Blogging” platform. But how many of us use WordPress only for blogging today? Now we are creating powerful ecommerce sites, big corporate websites, websites for showcasing pictures, audio, video, we are creating our resume, landing pages and lots of creative things in WordPress. Even people are using WordPress as an application framework these days. Still WordPress will be a blogging platform, at least for coming few versions and it will keep showing the list of posts in it’s homepage. Now a question pops-up at first – How to set any custom page as homepage in WordPress?

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