How to set a custom page as Homepage in WordPress

We all know WordPress started just as a “Blogging” platform. But how many of us use WordPress only for blogging today? Now we are creating powerful ecommerce sites, big corporate websites, websites for showcasing pictures, audio, video, we are creating our resume, landing pages and lots of creative things in WordPress. Even people are using WordPress as an application framework these days. Still WordPress will be a blogging platform, at least for coming few versions and it will keep showing the list of posts in it’s homepage. Now a question pops-up at first – How to set any custom page as homepage in WordPress?

For example, you are thinking of creating a corporate website homepage with a nice slider at the beginning, and some product description below that, then some customer feedback, then contact info at the bottom. You can do it in thousands of way. You can create your custom page template, you can use pagebuilder, you can manually put some basic HTML code in the post editor and in other insane ways. But that page won’t come automatically when user goes to the website by entering the URL in the browser. He may end up in your page if you have created any link of that page in menu or some other places.

For showing your custom page as your homepage, you have to tell WordPress that your page is the homepage and WordPress should show it first when anyone comes to the website. WordPress will override the default index page for you. But how to do it? Is it tough? NOT-AT-ALL !

It’s even easier than you could imagine. Just follow the steps and you won’t believe how easy it it.

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard

2. Click on “Settings”. You will find it at the bottom left portion of your Dashboard screen

3. Click on “Reading” sub-menu

4. When “Reading Settings” page opens, look at the first option “Front page displays”

5. Select “A static page (select below)” by clicking on the radio checkbox beside

6. Select your custom page from the drop-down menu beside “Front Page:” lebel.

7. Scroll down, click on “Save Changes”

8. Refresh your website home url and see your custom page coming as the frontpage in your WordPress website.

See how easy it is? Don’t forget to check out our other posts in WordPress Tips & Tricks section. Cheers!

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