How to Enable Shortcode in BBPress Reply

ShortCode is a pretty useful feature in WordPress. Developers provides some shortcodes for the users to use, which acts like a macro and extend the functionality to a functional output.

Today we will extend the BBPress feature so that user can use shortcode in BBPress reply. By default, if you post a shortcode in a topic reply, the shortcode is not rendered, it is shown as it is. We can make that shortcode working with a pretty simple solution.

Instead of using plugins, I prefer to use snippet when it’s really small. The following snippet will allow any user to use shortcode in topic reply. Or how’s about protecting this feature only for admin? Or for any custom capability? Let’s look at the code:

You can include this code in your functions.php or as a wordpress mu-plugin for safety 🙂

Happy WordPressing 🙂

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