How to Download Complete WordPress Media Library with out FTP

If you want to store a copy of just your media library in your computer, you can download your files by using an FTP client. But if you don’t have access to the FTP or don’t know how to use it, then downML – Download Media Library plugin is an easier alternative.

Media Library

You can always use a fully automated WordPress backup solution, and it will backup your entire WordPress site (including plugins, themes, posts, and the media library).

However, most backup plugins do not have an easy way to download just your uploads and media library. This plugin provides a much quicker way to do that.

First you need to do is install and activate downML – Download Media Library plugin. After activation, you will notice a new menu item in your WordPress admin bar labeled ‘downML’.

Click on the menu which will prepare a zip file of your WordPress uploads directory and make it available for download.

When your download is ready, you will see a page with the link to file. You can download this file to your computer.

Media Download Page

After downloading this file to your computer, you can extract it to get your entire WordPress media library. We hope this article helped you download your WordPress media library.

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