How to change wordpress username

How to change your WordPress username

Never ever keep your username as “admin”. But what if you already make admin username as “admin”? In WordPress there is no way to change the username from front end. But, to protect your site from hackers, the first step should be change the username from “admin”, or whatever it is.

We will discuss several methods to change WordPress username today. Let’s take a look:

First Method:
1. Create a new user from Dashboard => Users => Add New and give “Administrator” role to that user.
2. Login using the new user
3. Delete the old admin user.
4. When you delete old admin user, make sure you transfer authorship of all content created by old user to the new user.

Second Method:
1. Use Username Changer plugin.
2. Just select the current username and give the new username.
3. It will change the username on the fly!

Third Method:
1. This is method is for advanced users. First go to your wp-config.php file and fine the database info like below:

2. Get the database name from here and go to phpmyadmin.
3. First take a backup by exporting the database, just in case if anything goes wrong we can just import.
4. Go to wp_users table, here wp_ is db prefix, may vary in your case. And then click on browse. There you will see all users listed, click on edit link.
5. Change the username, user nicename and display name. Then save the data.admin

Viola! You have successfully changed your username. Hope the article helps 🙂

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