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Suppose you’ve got a beautiful and awesome cake on your birthday but it has someone else’s name written on it. How would you feel then?

Of course you won’t like it until you see your name written on it. Now someone told you that the name can be replaced but the process is a bit complex if you are not in the baking industry. So what would you do then?

Exactly in the same way, when you buy an awesome theme/template for your WordPress site, you need to modify lots of things according to your own requirement. You need to change branding elements like logo, banner, slider images. You need to change menus on different locations, styles for displaying content, footer text, social links, even you may need to change colors and appearance of different elements of you site.

If you know how to code, it’s really easy to change things in WordPress but most of the people are not developers and these all are alien language to them. Now how can you make it easier for your users to update elements if you are developing a theme or plugin for WordPress?

It’s simple. Just provide your users an options panel from where they can easily create, change or delete elements.

Well it sounds really easy but in real it’s not that easy to create those option panels unless you have very huge experience of working with WordPress for a very long time.

There are many option frameworks available for easily creating option panels but I personally prefer – Redux Framework. It’s currently the best option framework in my opinion and it’s highly popular among WordPress theme and plugin developers. It’s not only beautiful but also comes with almost all things you may need for. It uses native WordPress Settings API, it’s easily extendable, it has it’s own validation classes so you can easily validate what your users are giving as input and above everything, it’s FREE!

Let’s have a look how awesome it is:


So there is no doubt that they are trying their level best to provide us the easiest solution for creating option panels. But recently it got a situation. They are saying this in their website:

“If you’ve not yet heard, has mandated there be NO option panels of any kind for themes hosted on Existing themes still using option panels will be required to remove said panels and add customizer ONLY options before updating. New themes must adhere to this new guideline, or be rejected. The theme review team has essentially stopped theme devs from using most option frameworks. Fear not, we have a solution. We are enhancing Redux to work fully in the Customizer!”

So as we all can see, WordPress team doesn’t really want us to use 3rd party option frameworks though these frameworks have been helping us to create stunning option panels easily. And to be honest, I really love the way Redux Framework works and it seems to be really easy for me to create option panels with Redux Framework. So Redux made sure that they love us too. They are working to make Redux compatible with native theme Customizer.

From their site, I saw that they are planning to make “every single field of Redux” to be “available in the Customizer!” and that’s really cool. And seriously, they have already provided a DEMO. You can check the demo here:

We all know Redux Framework is a community driven open-source project and they don’t get paid for developing it. Still they are working day and night so that you can create your option panel without any pain. Now it’s your duty to help Redux grow. Well, you are not bound to, but it really feels great to become a part of a great journey, ain’t it? So please contribute in their repository in GitHub ( if you want to help them. I once saw a bug and sent a pull request with fix and now my name is shining in the contributors list (It was a really simple and tiny fix. Those guys didn’t left much for fixing, duh!). Why don’t you come out from the crowd to keep the wheel rolling?

If you can’t directly contribute to their repositories by coding or bug-fixing or pushing updates or enhancements, still you can help the project by buying the developers a pizza or a cup of coffee or just a can of bear. The amount doesn’t matter but it really inspires, trust me.

Let’s support the pledge they have given and donate if you can. Here is the link of their pledge:

It won’t cost you much, but it will help thousands of WordPress themes and plugins developers worldwide. It will help them to make the development process faster and easier. Let’s keep Redux rolling like always. So are you going to help Redux today? Decision is yours!

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  1. Ankit Singla
    Ankit Singla says:


    This is an important post for me. Can you suggest me if I can still use it in my free plugin? And, mainly if I can use that in the pro version I am wishing to develop for my plugin to be sold on CodeCanyon.

    Thanks a ton for the valuable info you have provided and more I am expecting.


    • Sushi
      Sushi says:

      You can use redux in your free or paid plugin, even in theme. The framework is released under GPL license, so it’s free to use. Just don’t remove the author information from the framework 🙂

      • Ankit Singla
        Ankit Singla says:

        Thanks for the reply, mate. I wanted to know – as this post says that Redux is yet to adopt the WP customizer. So, can I use this in the plugin? Or, the customizer is for theme options panel only?


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