Set different menu in different pages in WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the CMS world, no doubt. But it still lacks of some important features. One of those are to set different menu in different pages. Most of the CMS have this features built in.

In many cases, we need to use different menu set in different pages. For example, you have three menu locations – primary, secondary and footer. You have 4 special pages. You want to show a totally different set of menus in secondary menu location for those 4 pages.

Or you have an e-commerce website. You have 15 categories for shoes, 12 categories for toys, 20 categories for dress and lots more. Now if you want to show all the categories in the menu in all the pages that may look funny. Rather, you can show all the shoes categories in only in the pages dedicated for shoes section and same way for all other categories. That will surely save some space.

To serve this purpose, we are introducing “Different Menu in Different Pages” plugin.

This plugin runs very well with all the themes, plugins etc. It supports native posts, native pages, native category archive page, native tag archive page, custom post type, custom taxonomy archive, woocommerce product page, woocommerce single product page, woocommerce category pages, buddypress, bbpress and the most interesting part is, if you have any virtual or dynamic page that you can’t edit from admin end, you can change the menu for that pages too. The plugin has a nice section called URL groups, and using this feature you can change any menu in anywhere.

Ohh, the plugin is totally WPML compatible. So, if you have a multi-lingual site, you can translate the plugin and use right then 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? 😀

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