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How to secure your wordpress site – The Ultimate WordPress Security

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform on the Internet. So, it has higher risk to be hacked. Having a WordPress site means that you have to take some extra efforts in order to protect your and your visitors data. Here we will discuss about some security and some tweaks. Let’s start:

1. Keep WordPress and all plugins up-to-date
It’s always the best idea to keep the WordPress core, themes and plugins up-to-date with latest versions. Most of the time, wp core or plugin updates come with a security patch. It is really important to fix those security holes by updating the plugins, themes and WordPress core. Read more

How to change wordpress username

How to change your WordPress username

Never ever keep your username as “admin”. But what if you already make admin username as “admin”? In WordPress there is no way to change the username from front end. But, to protect your site from hackers, the first step should be change the username from “admin”, or whatever it is.

We will discuss several methods to change WordPress username today. Let’s take a look: Read more

Help Redux Framework to become more awesome!

Suppose you’ve got a beautiful and awesome cake on your birthday but it has someone else’s name written on it. How would you feel then?

Of course you won’t like it until you see your name written on it. Now someone told you that the name can be replaced but the process is a bit complex if you are not in the baking industry. So what would you do then?

Exactly in the same way, when you buy an awesome theme/template for your WordPress site, you need to modify lots of things according to your own requirement. You need to change branding elements like logo, banner, slider images. You need to change menus on different locations, styles for displaying content, footer text, social links, even you may need to change colors and appearance of different elements of you site. Read more

How to Enable Shortcode in BBPress Reply

ShortCode is a pretty useful feature in WordPress. Developers provides some shortcodes for the users to use, which acts like a macro and extend the functionality to a functional output.

Today we will extend the BBPress feature so that user can use shortcode in BBPress reply. By default, if you post a shortcode in a topic reply, the shortcode is not rendered, it is shown as it is. We can make that shortcode working with a pretty simple solution. Read more