10 things you need to do after installing WordPress

After fresh installation of WordPress this are the most important thing to make your site secure, beautiful and smoothly running.

1. Change the Admin Password

When we install WordPress for the first time, it generates a password for you that is very hard to remember unless you have done some memory courses. So the first thing that you should do after installing WordPress is change this WordPress password Read more

How to change WordPress admin password from database with phpMyAdmin

If you have a WordPress site, there is a pretty big chance you will need to change your password frequently for security reasons. If you change your password quite often, it decreases the chance of someone else knowing the password and take control over it. So it’s always a good practice.

But what if you can’t remember what your last password was? Or your site is hacked? Or any other admin has changed it but didn’t inform you yet? Or you just lost it? Read more