About DuoGeek

DuoGeek is the one stop solution platform for ALL your WordPress queries. We are also expert in application development and mobile app development. Here we develop custom premium WordPress plugins, stunning WordPress themes, custom PHP Application, mobile applications and lots of other stuffs.

Our highly expert team can turn your WordPress requirement into a shining finished product overnight. Well, we admit some products may take a bit long, but we love to work at night so that you can start your day with a complete plugin or theme as you wanted for your business.

We are also specialized in custom web application development. Currently we develop applications on LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) & LEMP (Linux-Enginx-MySQL-PHP) stack. Our team has high expertise on Codeigniter & Laravel Framework.

We call our mobile team a ninja team. They really love to see their developed app in the marketplace. Currently we develop Android, iOS, Windows Mobile & FirefoxOS apps. We have expertise on both native and cordova platform.

We call ourselves best because not only we have a really powerful team, but also we give full-time support. And by saying “full-time”, we really mean full-time. Can’t believe? Try calling us on St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas eve or New Year eve. We will greet you with a coupon for sure.

So wanna have a walk with us? Send us an email with all your requirements and suggestions from our contact page. We would love to hear from you.